Monday, August 17, 2009

california dreamin'...

mmm i love california. i just got back from a week trip with four of my closest friends. it was probably one of the best weeks of my life! everyday just consisted of the beach, laughter, books, stories, and one day even surfing! it was the perfect medication for my crazy life.

we bought some bracelets from a street vendor..
"don't fuss with the girls!!" :]

we watched the sunset one night and took pictures..
*thanks shera*

we got a little sun kissed.
]anyway, that was quite the adventure. one i'm sure i won't soon forget! i love these girls so much!

i started college today.. lame. actually, it wasn't bad at all. i actually enjoyed it a lot! my teachers seem pretty cool and my schedule is enough to keep me busy but not overwhelm me. i'm so excited to start this new part of my life... but also very nervous.

so many of my friends are leaving to college.
one of my best friends left today, and more leave wednesday.
i'm not sure how i've kept myself together, but i've been able to by some miracle.
i'm just waiting for the wall thats holding back all my tears and emotions to just bust open and leave me an emotional wreck.
dear reality, take me back to california. thanks.

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