Friday, August 28, 2009

college life... tender moments..

whew.. i survived my first week of college!! i was so nervous for it to start, but i must say honestly that i've actually been enjoying myself. i've had to get out of my comfort zone and actually talk to people, but it's been fun and exciting!! :)
my classes all seem pretty hard, and i'll have to work hard, but my professors make up for that; they are all hilarious and just all together great.
at first, i was a little iffy about my choir class also. it was hard the first day singing with the group. i went from a completely unified choral choir and a tight jazz choir to a completely random acappella choir. but, we're getting used to each other and the director and things are slowly but steadily heading to a great place!!
well, on a sadder note (ha) all of my byu friends are off to school and gone. :(
it was so hard saying goodbye and realizing i won't see them for months. i guess i always took for granted that they lived less than 10 minutes away and i could call them up whenever. now they're in a far away land, probably getting engaged as we speak. :]
i miss them so so much and i love them all! it's been a rough week noticing their absense. i've had to regroup myself a few times just thinking about it.. but, we're all where we need to be and where we're supposed to be.
although my friends have left, i'm so grateful for my knowledge of the gospel. i'm thankful for prayer, that i can drop to my knees at a moments notice, or say a prayer in my heart and the Lord will comfort me. the Holy Ghost truly is a miraculous thing, as i go through these rough times, i can feel His presence being there with me, as a guide and a comforter.
i love the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. :]
oh! speaking of that, i'm loving my institute class! my teacher is so excited about teaching us all about the Book of Mormon, and i've sort of caught on to his great attitude. the first day i couldn't believe that there were only like 15 people in the class and i knew almost half of them, but as the week went on, our class doubled in size! it made me very very happy to see people gathering in one purpose and for one love of the scriptures. it's just one of those tender moments. Tender moments i hope none of us take for granted..
my new goal:
be outgoing, optimistic, loving, studious, gospel oriented, an example, and happy. :]


  1. Kristen!! Your so cute!! I am so glad we are both going to MCC together! Its going to be a blast! I love you!

  2. This is SO cute! I love you so much and I'm so excited you are here!! You are great!

  3. So you have a bomb blog. I Love that so many of my friends have blogs so i can spend my no life on blogstalking them ha so thank you for that.

  4. Hey there college girl! Glad to see you doing so well! See you soon! Alys