Friday, August 7, 2009


well.. it's official, i'm engaged. for all of you who placed a bet on how long it would take, those who wagered for august just won!
No, no, no, i'm just an official blogger. ha, i'm not too sure how this will end up being, but it's something new to do.
summer is coming to an end here in a little while and i'm not too happy about it. so much has been changing lately, and will continue to change. some of my best friends are leaving away to college, friends are coming and going, and people are just different. i'm supposed to be all "grown up" now, pshh give me neverland please! but really, it kind of stinks growing up, but ready or not, here i come! look out world.
this summer in brief:
i graduated from high school (quite the accomplishment, i know!)
i went on a tour with my choir to Germany and Austria. the hills really are alive there! I was almost lunch a few times to some hungry ones! but really, it was the opportunity of a lifetime! i loved every minute of it, and i'm going back someday... for real.
i was a "junior staff" this year at girls camp. it was my last official year, which is pretty sad. but i learned that "Life is good" which was our theme. it was such a neat experience!
i signed up for college.. weird! let me just be honest for a minute and say, i'm so nervous for school to start!
it's been a not so eventful summer, but one of my most favorite summers. next on the summer to do list: girls trip to california!! i'm so excited to take a few relaxing days and just lounge on the beach. :)

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  1. hahahaha kristen i LOVE YOU. so funny! i'm excited you got a blog so i can read it nowww!