Tuesday, November 3, 2009


did anybody else know that pokémon actually stands for pocket monsters?? just a tid bit of information i thought all of you blog stalkers should know.

okay let's get down to the real business...

Alright, so... Thursday night my best friend Chloe ((speed dial #5 ha.)) and I went to Gammage Theatre to see The Phantom of the Opera. Can anyone say AMAZING!?! It rocked my world. Seriously. We sat 8 rows back on the main floor level [don't judge, it's on our bucket list] and sat in awe as Christine, the Phantom, and Raoul all dominated the floor. Of course everyone else rocked too but really... they were legit.

So i'm going to take a moment here and just say... why can't every guy be like Raoul?? I mean really... I want a guy that will sing to me: "I'm here, nothing can harm you. My words will warm and calm you. Let me be your freedom, let daylight dry your tears. I'm here, with you, beside you, to guard you and to guide you." Come one now. Swoon. The Raoul who played at Gammage was awesome. It took a while for me to get used to him, but by the end, i wanted to shout to him that i could be his christine (hahah). loved him. let's get real.. just look at the guy who wouldn't want him to sing to you??

ehhh... but then again, the Phantom did love Christine enough to let her go. And even though he was ugly on the outside, I think that proved him to be beautiful on the inside. Plus, if every Phantom was played by Gerard Butler, I'd choose him over Raoul any day... just sayin'. Also, I think he's definitely hard core devoted to her. I mean who would practically raise a child and teach her how to sing {{the phantom}} but in a non creeper way... sorta. right?? And look at his outfit... it pretty much screams: i'm cool and dress fancy christine, pick me. but nooo, christine chose her childhood sweetheart. am i mad about her choice?? of course not. at least she gave the guy (phantom) a chance, right? thought so.

Pros: Amazing singer, fought for Christine, charming, sings love songs to Christine, is her childhood lover, was the "chosen one" in the end, does everything in his power to win Christine; even if it does mean gettin' rough with a phantom and hiring the police force to watch over the theatre, rides a horse, and he's very good looking.
Cons: Obviously not Gerard Butler, has weird hair in the movie, took a flower from someone else to present to Christine after her show {tacky}, where was he while Christine was growing up? M.I.A?? and then expects to just jump back into her life and fall in love [ok so that works for him, scratch that] and i can't think of anything else.

Pros: Loved Christine enough to let her go, has cool magic abilities to appear and disappear, taught Christine how to sing, sings beautifully, uhh lives in an opera house, has a cool cape,
Cons: Put Christine in a creepy trans and led her to a creepy dungeon, had a weird wax figure of Christine, killed people [[not cool]], was denied by christine, not gonna lie; has a raunchy face when his mask is gone, is very tempermental, and threatens people. come on.

So, in my opinion Raoul wins literally and in my book. Marry me?? Okay awesome.

{{sike, you're fake}}.
Anyway, who do you think wins in the end?? Not just literally here; but, in your mind who gets the gold??


  1. Okay WOW!!!! So I am reading this and laughing my head off!! I cannot handle this! Everything that you said is sooooo true! Love Gerard as the Phantom so much more!! I also love Raoul, with all my heart! He is my husband, I mean my future husband! To conclude, Phantom was amazing and I love you so much!!

  2. Hahaha. I can hear your voice when I am reading this. It is kind of cracking me up hardcore. Like literally. LOVE YOU!!! :D

  3. Ok, Kristen... listen here, and listen good. (hehe). Raoul made EYE CONTACT with me. Not even with Alex!! I think that means something. He loves me way more than you and chloe combined! we will have to fight about this later.

  4. umm excuse me i heart raoul so much. but, i would marry the phantom! i love him.