Friday, December 18, 2009

a league of our own

wow i haven't blogged in forever. it's not like anyone ever reads my blog though hahaha. but anyway, for those who do, i tip my hat to you. thanks for being a faithful reader, even if i'm not a faithful writer. so, lots has happened since i last wrote... and even before i wrote last lots happened. so, i'll fill you in since halloweeen! :)

halloween was a blast this year!! the night before halloween, some friends and i went out to a party in queen creek and had so much fun! at the party, we met some fun new people and got to know some other kids we didn't know so well before. success? i think yes.

on the actual night of halloween, a huge group of our friends went out to a party in gilbert. this was a costume dance party that ended up being really fun ((and actually clean, suprise suprise)). i had two costumes this year. for one party i was a flamingo and for the actual day of halloween i was a cowgirl.
here we are a few weeks before halloween. boy scout, skunk, flamingo, flapper, and little red ridding hood.

one of my best friends, shelby and i. she was a cute little lady bug and i was a cowgirl. super fun!

so i have this friend, alex, and she is an amazing dancer! she dances for our college dance company and basically she rocks. chlo and i went to see her dance in a michael tribute that they did and basically it rocked. by the end chlo and i kinda sorta wished we were like mj so we took some pictures hahaha. we're dorks. and i love it.

in the meanwhile... a few of us girls have way too much fun in the library haha. there's a big glass wall and one day we decided to take a few pictures. needless to say we had a ton of fun and made some funny memories!

top left: i went to the asu institute christmas ball with my good friend josh. it was a lot of fun and we had a good time dancing the night away with everybody.
top right: i had my christmas jazz and choral concert. trevor and i were the only ones wearing blue in jazz. everyone else was basically wearing some shade of red.
bottom left: so i have some glow in the dark lipstick and before my first date with dallin, the girls came over. needless to say we had a little bit of fun "charging" up our lips so they'd glow!
bottom right: hello miss dancer alex again! she had a showcase for dance and we went to support her. she rocked the house!

so it's our new thing... on wednesday nights we go bowling! it's only a dollar per game and a ton of fun. dallin and i rock the arcade games and win cool things like matching gelly bracelets, as shown. basically we rock at bowling...well at least he does! :) hahah but it's still fun to go and hang out with all of our awesome bowling friends. hey, new idea: let's make a league of our own. kaythanks.

well obviously as much as i'd love to post about every single thing in my life, i doubt anyone would want to know every detail. but here's just a taste for those who are interested! good news!!!! school is over for the semester!! finals were good and guess what... i got A's in all my classes!!! it made me so happy to find out so i just thought i'd share with you all!! now it's time to have a lot of fun this winter break and live it up while i can before school starts again in a month!! over and out. kristen
p.s. merry christmas in one week. whoa. :)