Sunday, January 3, 2010


just thought i'd post a few really random thoughts about things i love.

first: a wonderful quote. "Gaze upward, look inward, reach outward, press forward." <--- ya, just think about it for a second.

second: i love life. and the people in my life... :)

third: i love string cheese. yum. seriously though.

fourth: i love comments. if you read this, comment. really, it would make my day.

fifth: i love cuddling.

sixth: i love my family. and will miss my brother as he gets deployed on tuesday... sempre fi

seventh: i love my sister. she's pretty much my best friend. yep, just look at us.

ninth: i love this picture. and pictures in general, but specifically this one. :)

tenth: i love blogging. it's my secret passion, even though i hardly ever do it.

eleventh: i love the number eleven, and the fact that you probably didn't catch that i didn't have an eighth love, thats because i think eighth is a weird word. and if you did catch it, i love you even more. and if you scrolled back up to see that i didn't put an eighth love, you're my hero.

that's all. over and out.

p.s. what do you love??


  1. Great post Kristen. I love breathing machines and our new sunday school class.

  2. hahahahaha... yeah, ok. that was me. I looked up. Well, I love that picture of you and Dallin! So cute! and I love you!! So much! and I love seeing you and I love our girl party! and blogs. :)

  3. I love Kristen Porter. I love nailpolish (rockstar kind). I love blogging. I love babies (a lot a lot). I love a really great song on the radio when I'm driving by myself. AND I love girls nights (which we need to have pretty much reeealll soon). You're so freakin cute issen.

  4. I love YOU!! And that super cute picture of you and Dallin! I love my comfy bed, and my stick shift car! But seriously, how about I see you more often ok!? ok!

  5. I love juice. You know what kind. ;P I love pretending like 9 am is early. I love Stan Kay. I love true laughs. I love measuring our arms on a Monday night. I love apple crisp sundays. I love cranberry (the color) and what it means. And I love that I can come up with a complete list of loves about you that no one but us will get. LOVERRR YOU! :D

  6. I love you! I am now an official blog stalker of you and I couldn't be happier about it :)