Friday, March 26, 2010

oh hello again...

phew. it's been forever since i've blogged. but i've got many reasons why. many great people have been distracting me. and i couldn't be more grateful for their company.
1. my family. oh hi, you're basically the loves of my life. we've had it rough lately but i know we're getting stronger because of it.

almost the whole fam. haha what a crazy bunch we are..

this is my wonderful brother. he's a marine and right now is in afghanistan. sempre fi brother.

and this is my wonderful, beautiful sister. i love her so much.

2. my friends. uhmm, i couldn't ask for a better group of friends. they strengthen me in every way possible. they make me laugh nonstop and life is just amazing when they are around.

3. my angels. i was in the mesa easter pageant this year and made some incredible memories. i miss you all!!

4. my fiancé. wait. yes. i just said my fiancé. :] i love him so much. and guess what? only 7 more days until i get to be married to him for time and all eternity. *sigh*... he makes me so incredibly happy!!!

we've had so many fun adventures together and i can't even wait to begin the adventures of married life!

people say he looks like kevin bacon, what do you think? haha :]

mmmm. i love this man.

eternity. bring it on. :)

engagement pictures done by her ^ click it.

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