Thursday, August 12, 2010

va va voom...

we all have them... parts of our bodies that make us feel like a million bucks. for some, it's their legs, others their toes. smiles, stomachs, eyes, and all other features can make a woman feel confident. for me, it's my eyelashes. i love my eyelashes. i love that they're long and luscious. i love that i can use ANY type of mascara and have lashes that say POW. yes, just like that picture. :]

excuse my while i brag for a while. some girls have to curl and re-curl their lashes to keep them from going board straight. thankfully i was well endowed with the curliest of lashes so all i have to do is apply mascara and wham, job done. recently, there have been so many new and improved mascaras out that will boost and volume-ize your lashes with just one swipe. for example, the new vibrating mascaras. 
well ladies, i am thrilled to share that some Asian countries have developed a new way to get those long lashes without the expensive vibrating mascara. just watch... 

Love, Mrs. Pear. 

p.s. what's your favorite feature?


  1. hahahahaha!!! me michelle kimberly and chloe just watched this and we are dying!!!! this is soooo funny!

  2. Hi Mrs. Pear! You commented on my blog and I'm thinking "Mrs. Pear? Who's that?" Oh my gosh! I horrible! Why didn't I know that is your last name? I'm so glad you commented 'cause now I have your blog. I didn't even know you had one.

    This post is hilarious by the way. I seriously laughed out loud.