Saturday, September 18, 2010

and then we fly...

this is how i've been feeling lately; i'm flying.
 [p.s. yes that's us. yes, we're adorable.] 

let me rephrase that. this is how i've been feeling ever since i met the man of my dreams. 

but lately, things have just been wonderful. 

i love:
+waking up to a smiling husband.
+when he calls me beautiful even if i'm in my wrinkly scrubs and my hair is a mess. 
+when he laughs at my silly antics.
+that he supports me in school. 
+that he helps me study for school. 
+that whenever i'm having a rough day, he's there to fix it. 
+that i know he loves me. 
+that he's mine. forever.

okay, okay i'll stop with all the sappy love-ness.  :]

so i've been listening to the radio and have come up with several conclusions. 
a. all, all, ALL of taylor swift's songs are the same. hello? where's the originality here? don't get me wrong, i love jamming out to her music just as much as the next girl. but really? it's time for some spice. 
b. all rap stations play the same 4 or 5 songs. umm... kay, i already know how to dougie, and i know that you want to dance dance like it's the last last night of your life life life. and... that's getting old. new songs please?
c. oldies never get old. "...A.B.C., it's easy as 1,2,3." love me some jackson five.
d. train's hey soul sister is FINALLY not playing as much. thank you radio guys for finally getting the message that not everybody wants to hear that song 15 times a day... and yet it's still my ringtone? i need to change that asap. 

and those are my thoughts. sorry to whoever even reads my blog (if anyone even does...) about the super long post. 

{shout out to kay}

keep it real, 


  1. KRiSTEN!

    I LOVE you and I love that picture! I love all those things that make you happy! You are so sweet and I love seeing you so happily married! I agree with you on ALL of those song/music comments. I miss you and we seriously need to play, k? k!

  2. umm i REad it! isnt married life just the best.. keep posting for me. it keeps me in the loop. love you.

  3. ok... THANK YOU SO MUCH for the taylor swift comment. I ALWAYS say that her songs are all the same and people judge me hardcore. Couldn't agree more. and also... i love your love life. I can't wait til the day you can love my love life too

  4. I LOVE that picture of you guys! I haven't been listening to much radio lately. Guess I'm not missing much? I love you so much sis'. Can't wait to see you again.

  5. A. You two ARE adorable.
    B. That picture should be on the cover of a magazine.
    C. You do look like a babe no matter what so he better tell you that you are beautiful :)
    D. I can't believe Jay saw you before I did. I'm so sad and miss your bones. For reals. Why is life so busy?

  6. Yes, you guys are so cute.

    The music on the radio... I completely agree. There is so much junk out there! It's all about the classic stuff for me right now.