Friday, September 10, 2010

random alert...

This one day, three months ago, I married my best friend. Man, life goes by fast when you're in love! :)

this is us outside the temple. we finally got our bridals back, i'll share those later! (which isn't this by the way, this is just one my sister took).
whoa parents, take it easy. yuck. 

but anyway, life is grand, school is slowly taking over my life. i love the fact that i now wear scrubs to school, they're so comfy!! 

and they make me smile. :) oh, and i cut my hair. i love it shorter! it feels so fresh!! 

radiography program, don't kill me these next 8 brutal school months. please? thanks. 

your future RT. 

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  1. well you have the cutest blog EVER! and that picture of you and your hair is adorable! not kidding. your eyes are like BAM. love it. and love that you have a blog!!