Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas thoughts

This Christmas season has been a bit different for me, and I wanted to make sure to jot down my thoughts. Of course, the real reason for Christmas is celebrating Christ's birth.

Being pregnant during this wonderful time, I have had a bit more empathy for Mary than I ever thought I could or would.

As tradition has it, Mary rode on a donkey with Joseph at the lead, looking for a place to stay for the night. She, being very much with child, probably rode on this donkey for hours. This is a task I can't even imagine doing. It's hard even sitting still while having a contraction, let alone sitting atop a donkey while trying to get past the minute of contraction every so often. I think so much about how courageous she had to be, not knowing where they would land for the night, but having faith that Heavenly Father would provide for them. Then having to give birth to a baby boy: a boy who would change the world. The Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. I think she knew a little bit of what her baby would become, just as mothers now can see the potential in each of their children. I could guess that every mother has empathy for what Mary has been through, but being a first time mother during the Christmas season, it has moved me in a way I never expected. I'm so thankful she did what she did. That she took the mockery of the world, having consumed a child without ever knowing her husband. That Joseph took her, and loved her anyway. That she traveled great distances to find a place of birth. That she gave birth in the humblest of circumstances. That she gave up her Son, so He could save the world. She must have been one special woman, chosen to endure such things, but I'm thankful she did so we could have a Savior. I hope that even through the bustle of holiday spectacular, we don't forget the true meaning of Christmas, Christ's birth.  

Watch this video if you get the chance. It's great, promise. 

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cease Fire

To say our Thanksgiving was eventful would be an understatement. A few years ago, my family started a tradition of going out and shooting guns on Thanksgiving morning. This year was no different and we headed out to my brother's property to have a little fun.

(He is so handsome!)

There were probably about 15 of us, just shooting around. The big boys decided to break out the shot guns and clay pigeons after about an hour, but I was content just shooting the little 22 rifle and hand gun.

This was my baby bump at almost 33 weeks.

Shootin' our little '22. 

Dallin was helping me reload the hand gun when we start hearing faint shouting. Dallin and I look at each other, then in the direction we heard the shouting. Along the western brim of the land we were shooting in stood two Sheriff Dept. Officers with their full automatic rifles drawn, and one City Cop with a hand gun, all pointing down at us. We heard the shouting again, "Cease fire! Clear your weapons!"
I felt like I was in a movie. It looked a little like this:

Except there were three guys, not 50. Anyway...

I for one did not want to be shot at. I quickly handed the hand gun back to Dallin as he tried to get the other's attention of what was happening. No one really believed us at first but as they quieted down and heard the shouting/saw the officers, weapons were quickly put down and cleared. The main Sheriff's Officer was clearly scared. He was shaking, and yelling, and kept asking if our weapons were clear. I completely understand his freight, he had no idea what he was coming on into, but it kinda made me chuckle. As soon as they saw our weapons were clear, they came down from the brim, to talk to us. Come to find out, some neighbors had heard our shootings and called to complain. They had no clue if we were out recreational shooting, or if we were a gang of some sorts wanting to shoot up the hood. After they gathered all of our licenses, and cleared our names, we were given orders just to stop our fun, and go home for our Thanksgiving Dinners. Needless to say, that is the first and hopefully the only time I'll ever be drawn upon by cops with full auto weapons. But, it was fun while it lasted.

The lil' sis.

 Haha, shhh...  Protecting the little one! I got those hot pink ear protectors when I was little and went to my dad's work at a gun shop. I love them!

The rest of our Thanksgiving was full of family, delicious foods, and a nice long nap. I'm so glad we got to spend this year with my family, even though things got a little crazy.
We also went Black Friday shopping at Wal-Mart and Old Navy. Can I just say that a stuffed Wal-Mart full of smelly, anxious people is not the place for a big pregnant woman? It was the worst in there. It was hot, stuffy, and smelled like some serious body odor. I was so excited to be done with that store in less than an hour. Yuck. But, it was my first ever Black Friday, and I kinda liked the excitement. Maybe we'll go again next year, but this time leave out the cop scare.

- The Pears

Monday, October 24, 2011

Belly Update!

I have been so horrible at keeping up with this whole blogging thing! Between work, school, clinicals, husband time, and life, I've had hardly any time at all to blog! BUT.... WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!! When we first found out, we were shocked, because everyone had us convinced that it was a boy, and we were a little convinced too! But, we are so thrilled to be having a cute little girl running around our house here pretty soon! I'm 28 weeks now... Already in my third trimester! It's been going by crazy fast, and I hope these last few months go by just as quick! Right now I'm on bed rest, due to early contractions which are no bueno, but I hope to be off very soon! 

Here is our little princess from our last ultrasound. She has the cutest chubby cheeks ever, her daddy's upturned nose, long flexible legs, and a little smile that will melt your heart. We can't wait to hold her in our arms come January!! 

 Remember this picture from our picnic back in April, BEFORE I was pregnant? Yeeah, this food baby is nothing compared to...

This 28 week baby belly! She is growing and growing every day and it makes me so happy to see my belly progress as well!

My husband asked me the other night if I could still see my toes. I said "Of course!!" then I looked down... No toes to be seen! I was shocked!! I never noticed before, but they disappeared behind my big tummy! It sure made me laugh. It's getting harder and harder to bend over to pick up things, paint my toes, and to tie my shoes! But that just means I'm that much closer to having her!! 12 more weeks!! :) Let the countdown begin. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

New news

Months have gone by, and it seems too long ago to catch up on every single detail. But, the big ones... 

# California was perfect. We had such a great time on our little trip by ourselves. 

Went to the San Diego Temple. It was amazing.

Shopped around.

Spent time at the beach. 

Had a blast at Disneyland for two days. 

And hit up LA. 

#My little sister graduated... Where is time going?!

#Went camping for the Fourth of July. 
The nieces/nephews got dirt-staches. 

 And dirt-unibrows. 

We had fun with the HUGE dandelion wishers. 

 #Had our own Fourth celebration.
Played with sparklers.

And bought fun small fireworks of our own. 

#Made new shirts...
#Because we made a new person! 
Baby Pear will be joining our family January of 2012. And we couldn't be more ecstatic! 
I'm 18 weeks, almost half way done, and feeling great!! We find out what we are having next week. 
Any guesses? Boy or girl!?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

I'm so excited, I'm like a little kid at Christmas time. Tomorrow the hubs and I are taking off for a four day trip to California! Just like a when I was a wee little lad, I'm counting down in "sleeps". So, one more sleep until we leave!! Hello San Diego beach, San Diego Temple, and magical DisneyLand. Oh yeah, I'm so ready for this.  I get one week break every four months in school, so I'm soaking up the time I have. My week has consisted of crafting, sewing, and doing nothing but enjoy the rest and relaxation. Come Monday I'll be back in school, doing clinicals full force at 35 hours a week, and working part time. Bleh. Let's hope this semester goes by fast! For now though, I'll just enjoy my wonderful vacation. In Cali. Mmm... Pics of crafts to come later!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A&A Thursday

Awkward and Awesome Thursday.

- Seeing someone in the restroom then having them continue to talk to you while you're in your own stall. Uhmm... Can't you tell I'm busy?
- Brushing your teeth really quick and getting toothpaste on your clothes. But, you're running late so you just have to wipe it off. Then walking around all day with little white streaks across your belly.
- When you sit down and realize suddenly that the person next to you seriously has some body odor issues. Do you get up really quick and pretend you have to be somewhere or sit there patiently waiting, holding your breath, until you have an excuse to leave?
- Introducing the husband to someone who I haven't seen in ages. Him asking, oh so do you have any little ones running around? Dude. We don't even know you that well. It's just my burrito baby belly.
- Having a waiter say "Take care of your burrito baby!" as you leave the restaurant. K, is it REALLY that noticeable?
- Hiccups. In the middle of a final. Silence... Hiccup.... 
- Having to go to the bathroom so terribly bad during a final. Legs shaking, trying to concentrate, trying not to wet yourself. Yikes.

- Teacher letting me go to the bathroom during said final. Thank goodness!!
- Three finals today then a week off school and work.
- California with the husband during my week off!
- Starting clinicals in a week and a half!
- Acing my first three finals. Take that stinky tests!
- Easter Pageant. I love it so much!! If you haven't gone, go. You won't regret it.
- Life. Isn't it just amazing?
- This picture. Oh how I just love my husband. :)

Well, that's about it! What's awkward and awesome in your life?


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things that I love.

Things that I love... Ready, set, GO!

First and foremost, my wonderful husband. He is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me! Everyday, I am more and more grateful that I was blessed with such a wonderful man in my life. And as an added bonus, he's mine for eternity. What a happy thought.

Second, my family. My brother and sister and their kids came down last week so we had a lot of family filled festivities. I also love my other family. My in-laws are seriously the greatest! 
In Laws (Plus one baby, one sister in law, one brother in law and one baby boy on the way!):

Third, the Gospel. I truly don't know where I'd be without it. The Plan of Salvation is specifically important to me right now. My Uncle is really sick with cancer, it's such a blessing to know that one day, I'll get to see him again. 

Fourth, I think I am addicted to candy. Right now, Runts. And guess what? NOBODY sells them. I look every time I go into a store. The only place I know that sells them is good old Dollar Tree. Gotta love that place. 

Fifth, hello. Sewing. I have been crafting up a storm lately and it seriously rocks. For now, I borrow my mom's machine, but I'm saving up to buy my own! Yess... what a great thought. 

And I just love life in general. It's just wonderful right now. Finals are next week, then I get a brief week off, then I start Clinicals. Ooh baby, I can just see graduation already. Hah, well, in 16 months. But still, it's going to just fly by! 


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rip off...

So a few months ago I had to buy some "resume paper" for a class at school. I was in a hurry and just bought the first one I saw. I noticed it had been previously open, but didn't think much of it until last night. I had to do a project for school and needed some nice paper so I whip out my fancy resume paper. I open the case and it flops open to white computer paper. Not the ivory linen paper I had bought months previous. I frantically flip through the paper only to find that I had about three sheets of the linen paper. It was then I remembered that I had bought it and it had been previously opened. Scums. Someone before had bought that paper, and took out all the linen paper, filled it with cheap computer paper except for a few at the top to make it look like it was full of linen paper, then returned it. Where I bought it. For like eight dollars. For only a few sheets of linen paper. Rip. Off. How lame. Now I know, never buy something that has been previously opened. Other wise you might just get shafted by some thief.

On another note...
I want this sleeping bag.

How cool is that?! I'm such an anatomy nerd.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pick me.

Basically, I want to win this give away.
So I'm blogging about it. 
Cause I need new pictures of the hubs and I. 
And because Natalie is incredibly talented. 
Check it outtt!! 

Friday, April 1, 2011


While on a picnic tonight, we may have taken the best picture. Ever. No April Foolin' over here, no photoshop, nothin. Just us. And...


Well. It sure looks like it. 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

fruity love

I have always loved fruit. Mmm, get in my belly!! Dare I say, I love it more than chocolate.
 *insert shun from women across the world*
There's just something about the freshness and zestiness of biting into a delicious fruit, that can't be replaced by a hunk of Hershey's. Today I had both Strawberries and an Apple in my lunch, which made for a happy Kristen! One of my Strawberries was seriously HUGE. Like almost the size of my Apple huge. Take a look. 



And it's not like my Apple was small by any means. It was a Braeburn (yes, I'm a nerd and know all about Apples) and they are fairly good sized. Okay, it wasn't as wide as my apple, but pretty much as tall. And that's big. And will be oh so delectable to eat!

Ooh I can't wait to delve into these yummies.

Anyone else find it kind of ironic that my last name is a fruit. Mrs. Pear who loves fruit, a perfect pair pear. How punny!

Ooh, my humor is going dry. I believe school is taking away my humor. Save me!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go shawty...

It's your birfday, we're gonna party like it's your birfday.

Wait, whose birthday?
I am finally out of my "teens" and am 20 today. I keep teasing my husband that he is no longer married to a teenager anymore. Tahaha! I think he's happy about that.
How am I spending my birthday you ask?

At work.
And school. Learning CPR for four hours. (Like I don't know already.) Oh joy.

Then the rest is a mystery, yet to be determined.

Honestly, I sorta forgot about my birthday. I haven't really been prepping myself for this day of celebration,  so I have no wonderful plans planned. But, that doesn't mean I won't be doing something marvelous tonight, cause you bet your bottom dollar I will find something spectacular to do with the husband. Speaking of marvelous and spectacular and husband.... Last night he came home with a flower arrangement for me as an "early present"! I was so pleasantly surprised! I love when he does things like that! And this picture doesn't do it justice, they are so pretty!!

 Oh, see my headband? I made that out of Dallin's old tie. I folded a part of it into a bow and glued it to the rest of the tie and put it on my head. Voila! 

So easy, and so cheap to make! Also, little known fact: the inside of the tie is a wonderful fabric to re-use! It's like a felt material, and is great for making a cute lil' flower. So remove the inside of the tie before you make a headband! Unless you want a big honkin', thick bow tie, then leave it. :) But look what a cute thing can be made with the inside! 

And that one is super easy to make as well! All that, out of an unworn tie. Awesome. 

I guess I should get back to work now. Meh. Happy Birthday to me!!


PS: I am so awkward at ending posts. I have no idea how to do it in a smooth way. Hahah! Guess I should work on that asap. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ohh 75 degrees. In my mind, the perfect weather. I love this time of year in Arizona because we get this streak of 75 degree weather for a few weeks before it turns to being 85-90 at night, blah. But, since it has been perfect outside lately, the husband and I decided to take advantage of it and go have a lovely picnic! 

After school I went and tried to pick up some Jones' Soda. Apparently nobody carries them anymore, so I had to stick with Crush.

I think Dallin liked his Strawberry Crush, he would not put it down. 

I finally got him to put it down and take a few pictures with me, his real favorite crush. :)

My idea of a picnic was a lovely grassy park, sitting under the wonderful shade of a giant tree. But, the husband wanted to go to a desert park that he used to play at when he was little.

After our picnic, we went for a little stroll around the park. Come to find out, it has a Desert Botanical Garden in it! While we were meandering through that, we found some family members amongst the crowd!
Family Pictures:
The Pears and the Prickly Pears

Oh the faces he makes... 

Can you spot the prickly Pear in the midst of the Prickly Pears? Haha

I loved picnic-ing with my major crush and our Crushes. All you Arizonan's out there, take advantage of this lovely weather, I highly recommend it.

Cheers :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yesterday I texted my wonderful husband:

    Me: Are you going to be working late tonight?

    Husband: I don't know. I hope not, the Bachelor is on tonight. 

True story... Ohh how I love that man. :]

Monday, March 14, 2011

Out with the old...

Last week the husband and I tried our hand at something new. We had this old chair that our sister-in-law gave us when we got married, it was pretty crummy looking so we decided to re-upholster it! It's not perfect, but for our first time, it's not too shabby. 

Before: Nasty blue fabric with lighter wood arms and legs. 

After: Beautiful deep red fabric with new darker stained arms and legs! 

I am just loving the new look! And it wasn't even that hard! Next re-furnishing project, the kitchen table! I love the fact that we don't have to buy new furniture, we can just re-upholster them to make them fit our needs. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's a problem. Once a year I get this addiction.
Dear Girl Scouts of America, 
why are your cookies so delicious!? 

I think I need a 12 step program. 
I'm addicted to Samoas. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

lesson learned.

so i think my fingers have a vendetta against me. 
take for example wednesday. first, i got a huge HUGE paper cut on my finger. 
then,that night i was grating up some cheese for yummy chicken quesadillas. as i was doing so, my little fingers decided to slip, and i grated them. ouch.  i now have a grand canyon like chunk missing from my knuckle. great. 

five seconds later my hand hit the griddle and i burnt yet again, another finger.
 point and case. 
so i decided they needed some TLC, tender lovin' care, so i gave myself newspaper nails! don't know what that is? look, and be amazed. 

yep, that's newspaper print right there on my nails. except they didn't turn out very well (it was my first time ever doing it)... i decided that next time to paint a lighter yet brighter color on bottom to really make the newspaper print pop!

lesson learned: take care of your fingers, and they will take care of you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Lately, I have been in a crafty/thrifty mood. 
The other week I went shopping at Goodwill with one of my lovely friends Haley and found a beauty of a dress. It had a weird stain on the shoulder, but I loved it too much to let it go and hoped it would come out in the wash. Thank heavens it did! I looked at the tag and decided to research the brand of my dress: Leslie Fay. Little did I know that I was buying a true vintage dress, the company started in the late 40's. I asked my mom about the Label and she said that Leslie Fay was all the rave back then. I couldn't believe I found such a great dress! My husband laughed when I pulled out the dress, thinking it was just another old fashion dress I bought that wouldn't look good on me. When I put on the whole outfit on Sunday, he looked at me in disbelief. He told me he thought that finding cute things at the thrift store were a rarity and would never happen to me... I sure proved him wrong. Well at least I'd like to think it looks good on me. You be the judge. 

I decided to pair my red dress with a teal necklace... I'm usually not that daring, but this dress made me feel sassy. 

to tie it all together I wore an old turquoise ring that my mom has had forever. I love getting/wearing old things 
from her, thanks momma! 
Remember that teal necklace up there? I am proud to say that I made that sucker! I was feeling crafty one night and made it out of an old t-shirt! Total cost? About $.35 to buy felt to put on the back. I feel a lot more of these lovely homemade crafts coming my way!
Love me through it.  

AND... that's all. For now. :]
Love you long time.