Friday, February 18, 2011

lesson learned.

so i think my fingers have a vendetta against me. 
take for example wednesday. first, i got a huge HUGE paper cut on my finger. 
then,that night i was grating up some cheese for yummy chicken quesadillas. as i was doing so, my little fingers decided to slip, and i grated them. ouch.  i now have a grand canyon like chunk missing from my knuckle. great. 

five seconds later my hand hit the griddle and i burnt yet again, another finger.
 point and case. 
so i decided they needed some TLC, tender lovin' care, so i gave myself newspaper nails! don't know what that is? look, and be amazed. 

yep, that's newspaper print right there on my nails. except they didn't turn out very well (it was my first time ever doing it)... i decided that next time to paint a lighter yet brighter color on bottom to really make the newspaper print pop!

lesson learned: take care of your fingers, and they will take care of you!

1 comment:

  1. I definitely have a fear of cheese graters. Haha. I end up grating my fingers pretty much every time. No bueno. I'm sorry about your finger problems. haha. And oh am I in love with the newsprint nails! Share your secrets...