Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Lately, I have been in a crafty/thrifty mood. 
The other week I went shopping at Goodwill with one of my lovely friends Haley and found a beauty of a dress. It had a weird stain on the shoulder, but I loved it too much to let it go and hoped it would come out in the wash. Thank heavens it did! I looked at the tag and decided to research the brand of my dress: Leslie Fay. Little did I know that I was buying a true vintage dress, the company started in the late 40's. I asked my mom about the Label and she said that Leslie Fay was all the rave back then. I couldn't believe I found such a great dress! My husband laughed when I pulled out the dress, thinking it was just another old fashion dress I bought that wouldn't look good on me. When I put on the whole outfit on Sunday, he looked at me in disbelief. He told me he thought that finding cute things at the thrift store were a rarity and would never happen to me... I sure proved him wrong. Well at least I'd like to think it looks good on me. You be the judge. 

I decided to pair my red dress with a teal necklace... I'm usually not that daring, but this dress made me feel sassy. 

to tie it all together I wore an old turquoise ring that my mom has had forever. I love getting/wearing old things 
from her, thanks momma! 
Remember that teal necklace up there? I am proud to say that I made that sucker! I was feeling crafty one night and made it out of an old t-shirt! Total cost? About $.35 to buy felt to put on the back. I feel a lot more of these lovely homemade crafts coming my way!
Love me through it.  

AND... that's all. For now. :]
Love you long time. 


  1. Kristen!! You are so gorgeous! I miss you and next time I am in Arizona we are going to see each other no matter what. I love that you made that, we need to do a craft corner when I come home. I love you!!!

  2. SO STINKIN CUTE! No wonder he looked at you in disbelief! You are one HOTT momma!!!!

  3. You are genuis! I love this for so many reasons! I LOVE thrift store shopping - that's where it's at! And wow, that dress is just darling on you.. I'm in love! Good job with the necklace too. I'm officially jealous.