Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ohh 75 degrees. In my mind, the perfect weather. I love this time of year in Arizona because we get this streak of 75 degree weather for a few weeks before it turns to being 85-90 at night, blah. But, since it has been perfect outside lately, the husband and I decided to take advantage of it and go have a lovely picnic! 

After school I went and tried to pick up some Jones' Soda. Apparently nobody carries them anymore, so I had to stick with Crush.

I think Dallin liked his Strawberry Crush, he would not put it down. 

I finally got him to put it down and take a few pictures with me, his real favorite crush. :)

My idea of a picnic was a lovely grassy park, sitting under the wonderful shade of a giant tree. But, the husband wanted to go to a desert park that he used to play at when he was little.

After our picnic, we went for a little stroll around the park. Come to find out, it has a Desert Botanical Garden in it! While we were meandering through that, we found some family members amongst the crowd!
Family Pictures:
The Pears and the Prickly Pears

Oh the faces he makes... 

Can you spot the prickly Pear in the midst of the Prickly Pears? Haha

I loved picnic-ing with my major crush and our Crushes. All you Arizonan's out there, take advantage of this lovely weather, I highly recommend it.

Cheers :)


  1. You two are way toooo cute! I love your idea! Oh and your last picture is UH-MAY-ZZZZiNNNNGGG!

  2. you two make me want to be married! Seriously, adorable.

  3. So Rachel told me about your blog and I just had to take a peek! You are two are seriously the cutest!!

  4. um, SO cute. Love it. I am an avid picnic-er, so I just loved this!