Thursday, March 31, 2011

fruity love

I have always loved fruit. Mmm, get in my belly!! Dare I say, I love it more than chocolate.
 *insert shun from women across the world*
There's just something about the freshness and zestiness of biting into a delicious fruit, that can't be replaced by a hunk of Hershey's. Today I had both Strawberries and an Apple in my lunch, which made for a happy Kristen! One of my Strawberries was seriously HUGE. Like almost the size of my Apple huge. Take a look. 



And it's not like my Apple was small by any means. It was a Braeburn (yes, I'm a nerd and know all about Apples) and they are fairly good sized. Okay, it wasn't as wide as my apple, but pretty much as tall. And that's big. And will be oh so delectable to eat!

Ooh I can't wait to delve into these yummies.

Anyone else find it kind of ironic that my last name is a fruit. Mrs. Pear who loves fruit, a perfect pair pear. How punny!

Ooh, my humor is going dry. I believe school is taking away my humor. Save me!

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  1. I know! You are totes obsessed with fruit and it makes me laugh! Haha. Love youuu!