Thursday, April 21, 2011

A&A Thursday

Awkward and Awesome Thursday.

- Seeing someone in the restroom then having them continue to talk to you while you're in your own stall. Uhmm... Can't you tell I'm busy?
- Brushing your teeth really quick and getting toothpaste on your clothes. But, you're running late so you just have to wipe it off. Then walking around all day with little white streaks across your belly.
- When you sit down and realize suddenly that the person next to you seriously has some body odor issues. Do you get up really quick and pretend you have to be somewhere or sit there patiently waiting, holding your breath, until you have an excuse to leave?
- Introducing the husband to someone who I haven't seen in ages. Him asking, oh so do you have any little ones running around? Dude. We don't even know you that well. It's just my burrito baby belly.
- Having a waiter say "Take care of your burrito baby!" as you leave the restaurant. K, is it REALLY that noticeable?
- Hiccups. In the middle of a final. Silence... Hiccup.... 
- Having to go to the bathroom so terribly bad during a final. Legs shaking, trying to concentrate, trying not to wet yourself. Yikes.

- Teacher letting me go to the bathroom during said final. Thank goodness!!
- Three finals today then a week off school and work.
- California with the husband during my week off!
- Starting clinicals in a week and a half!
- Acing my first three finals. Take that stinky tests!
- Easter Pageant. I love it so much!! If you haven't gone, go. You won't regret it.
- Life. Isn't it just amazing?
- This picture. Oh how I just love my husband. :)

Well, that's about it! What's awkward and awesome in your life?


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