Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things that I love.

Things that I love... Ready, set, GO!

First and foremost, my wonderful husband. He is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me! Everyday, I am more and more grateful that I was blessed with such a wonderful man in my life. And as an added bonus, he's mine for eternity. What a happy thought.

Second, my family. My brother and sister and their kids came down last week so we had a lot of family filled festivities. I also love my other family. My in-laws are seriously the greatest! 
In Laws (Plus one baby, one sister in law, one brother in law and one baby boy on the way!):

Third, the Gospel. I truly don't know where I'd be without it. The Plan of Salvation is specifically important to me right now. My Uncle is really sick with cancer, it's such a blessing to know that one day, I'll get to see him again. 

Fourth, I think I am addicted to candy. Right now, Runts. And guess what? NOBODY sells them. I look every time I go into a store. The only place I know that sells them is good old Dollar Tree. Gotta love that place. 

Fifth, hello. Sewing. I have been crafting up a storm lately and it seriously rocks. For now, I borrow my mom's machine, but I'm saving up to buy my own! Yess... what a great thought. 

And I just love life in general. It's just wonderful right now. Finals are next week, then I get a brief week off, then I start Clinicals. Ooh baby, I can just see graduation already. Hah, well, in 16 months. But still, it's going to just fly by! 



  1. Hey I love this! And you! You are always so happy I love it! Let's play soon! xoxo.

  2. This is totally unfair. You got all the crafty genes. But, we should have a craft night and you can teach me how to craft. teach me teach me how to craft. haha. I LOVE you so much!! :):)

  3. You are too cute! So glad you're loving life. Makes it a whole lot easier!

  4. Kristen I love you! Can I see you when I come down on Tuesday? I'll be down for a week... :) But I love that you are so happy! It definitely shows!
    Good luck on saving up for a sewing machine! It'll be worth it, let me tell ya! I love mine!

  5. I find all of your loves lovely indeed. Being addicted to Runts worries me though, but it is definitely better than meth so go for it.