Monday, August 15, 2011

New news

Months have gone by, and it seems too long ago to catch up on every single detail. But, the big ones... 

# California was perfect. We had such a great time on our little trip by ourselves. 

Went to the San Diego Temple. It was amazing.

Shopped around.

Spent time at the beach. 

Had a blast at Disneyland for two days. 

And hit up LA. 

#My little sister graduated... Where is time going?!

#Went camping for the Fourth of July. 
The nieces/nephews got dirt-staches. 

 And dirt-unibrows. 

We had fun with the HUGE dandelion wishers. 

 #Had our own Fourth celebration.
Played with sparklers.

And bought fun small fireworks of our own. 

#Made new shirts...
#Because we made a new person! 
Baby Pear will be joining our family January of 2012. And we couldn't be more ecstatic! 
I'm 18 weeks, almost half way done, and feeling great!! We find out what we are having next week. 
Any guesses? Boy or girl!?


  1. oh my gosh, you're pregnant??! That is so so so exciting! I love that for you guys... :)
    Also, i'm guessing a little baby girl!! Precious :)

  2. I'm so excited for you two! You are going to be the greatest little mom! It's a boy..

  3. About time I hear an announcement!!! I have been waiting to hear this for a while now! I'm so excited for you. and I think it will be a boy. Not sure why, but I do. I hope I'm wrong though, because then our little girls can be friends! I'm so excited for you Kristen!!!

  4. Yes. I am your sister and I have been blogstalking you everyday since I found out waiting patiently for this post!!! I love you guys and am super excited. I want it to be a boy. As much as I love little girls, I could use some cute nephews about now. <3

  5. Where have I been. I'm so excited for you sister Pear!

  6. Ahaha, those shirt rocks. As do you! :)