Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trimester: 2

Honestly, looking back I don't know how I was surviving all that was going on in my second trimester. I was in school for 4 hours on Mondays, working 35+ clinical hours Tuesday-Friday, and working 10+ hours Monday-Thursday as a tutor. Basically my days went from 6AM to 6-7PM. Then I'd come home, make dinner, do homework and study, and spend time with my husband who was working 45+ hours and going to school.

14 Weeks, going into surgery at Clinicals

It was hectic, and I think I was blind to how hard I was actually working. And blind to how hard I was pushing my body. I soon found out though, in the end of my second trimester I was put on bed rest. But I'm getting ahead of myself; let me start at the beginning...

18 Weeks, heading to the Temple

I had my first doctors appointment in my second trimester, and was nervous beyond belief. Of course I knew I was pregnant; I had multiple tests, the morning sickness, and growing belly to prove it. However; it was all still surreal to me until they put that little monitor on my protruding belly looking for a heartbeat.

21 Weeks

I sat there waiting patiently to hear the lovely, lub-dub of her heart; nothing. The doctor laughed nervously and said let me check lower; nothing. At this point my hands started sweating and I began thinking the worst. I squeezed my eyes closed and silently prayed until I heard it; my baby's fluid heartbeat. She was there. She was alive. All was well.

In my immediate family, there are eight boys and only two girls. I have four older brothers who have kids, and there are only 2 boys out of the 14 grandkids. You would think the odds of boys would be in our favor, but they weren't. To say my family wanted another boy in the family would be an understatement. I was told over and over, "Oh I hope it's a boy!" "Come on, give us a boy!" "I just know it's a boy, I have a feeling." I however, didn't have a feeling, or motherly instinct on what my baby was so I just went with the flow.
Secretly, I hoped and wished it was a baby girl; but, I didn't want to be disappointed so I didn't mention it to anyone.
The day we had our gender ultrasound, my husband and I gripped hands as the tech said; "I know what it is, are you sure you want to find out?" We eagerly nodded our heads and she proclaimed, "IT'S A GIRL!" I'm pretty sure the first words to come out of my mouth were, "Really? Are you sure?" I was shocked beyond belief, and a pang of excitement shot through me. I was going to be the momma to a lil' princess. I asked the tech to double check, and she said she had never been wrong in all her years of ultra sounding; it was a girl. When we got to our car, we looked through the ultrasound pictures and let the reality of our baby girl settle in our hearts with tear streaked faces. Once we were calm enough, we called both of our parents and told them at the same time; everyone was thrilled to meet our baby girl.

22 Weeks

I trudged through my second trimester with ease. I had a little bit of exhaustion; but like I said earlier, I was a hard working woman. School and clinicals full time; working part time on the side. I was trying to bank hours so I could take time off when the baby came. I was stubborn, and strong willed. And I had to be; I had a plan to fulfill. My plan.

It was a Sunday morning, I had just gotten out of the shower and was relaxing a little bit before church. My stomach kept getting hard, then would relax. Harden, relax. I knew these were contractions so I started timing them. They lasted about 30 seconds long, and were coming every 2-5 minutes. I told Dallin what was happening, and we called my on-call doctor. She heard what was going on, and sent us straight to OB-Triage at the hospital. I was nearly into my third trimester, and was thinking this can't be happening, not now. Stay in there little girl. We called our parents to tell them what was going on, and out the door we headed.

26 Weeks

We walked hesitantly into the hospital, and told them I was having contractions. They didn't mess around and got me into a room, into a gown, and hooked onto a monitor right away. The contractions were still coming, but weren't causing me any discomfort. They wanted to check on the baby, to make sure everything was okay so off we went for a 3D ultrasound. It was there that I got a glimpse of my beautiful baby, and her little personality. She had her legs folded up by her head, like a little gymnast. Her nose was perfectly turned up, a gift from her father. She even stuck out her little tongue and gave us a little yawn. I was smitten, but not ready to have her come out just yet.

Checked into Triage

It was in that ultrasound that they found the cause of my contractions. I remember it well; the tech said, "Okay I just have to do one more ultrasound but these usually turn out perfect, it's just precautionary." Well, half way through the ultrasound, I had another contraction and my body responded like I was going into labor on the inside. She said, "Huh... That was weird." Umm, lady. Never say those words after you say they are always normal! My momma heart was breaking. I didn't know what was going on, or what the outcome would be. The doctor finally came into our room and told us that my contractions were irritating the baby, that I had a shortened cervix, and that I was to go home, rest, and take Mortin every three hours to prevent more contractions. I thought fine, I can rest. Little did I know, that rest would turn into full blown bed rest for almost a month.

On bedrest at 26 Weeks.

After I checked out of the hospital, they told me I was to see my OBGYN the next day, Monday. I rested on Sunday, took my medicine, and on Monday went to class before having to go to the doctors' office. At my appointment, they did another ultrasound and found that my body was preparing for labor, like I was 34 weeks along, instead of 26 weeks. My doctor said, okay go home and continue your bed rest. I was confused. I had only been told to rest the day before, not be on bed rest. She laughed and said "Oh no, you're on modified bed rest. You can only get up to make simple food, shower, or use the restroom real fast. We want to keep this baby in you for as long as we can!" I was numb. I drove back to school, told my teachers my circumstances with tear-filled eyes, and headed home.

Slowly, but surely I could see; things weren't going the way I had planned. Someone else was in charge, and I needed to open my heart to His Plan.

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