Monday, March 11, 2013

NBA Date Night

My favorite part of the weekend is finally getting to spend some quality time with my husband and baby girl. Between work, school, and just life in general; the week usually passes with limited time to spend together. So to say that I absolutely cherish my weekend dates would be an understatement!

This weekend, I found out that we could find Suns tickets for incredibly cheap. Yes, they were way up high but something about the ambiance of sports arenas just get me good. Stubhub is where we found our tickets, and this week there are Suns tickets for as low as $1.00 each, which makes for a fun yet cheap date night! We invited along my in-laws to the game (my father in law is a huge sports fanatic), and it made for a great evening. 

We first started out the night getting some yummy BBQ from Bill Johnson's Big Apple. I loved the old western decor of the restaurant, and the food wasn't half bad either. 

One day I'll get a good camera.. 

After our tummies were full, we headed out to the game. I haven't been to a NBA game since I was about 15, so it was exciting being there again. I forgot how entertaining they make it during all the "commercial breaks" with kiss cams, free t-shirts, games, etc. We ended up leaving after the 3rd quarter because Maddison was ready for bed time, and was making sure we knew it! 

During the half time show, we got kind of bored watching the mediocre "Suns Dancers" so we had a little photobooth photoshoot of our own. I think that was the highlight of my night. I love capturing fun little moments like this! 

It ended up being a really fun night, and I think we'll take advantage of those super cheap tickets and go again. Hopefully they will have cheap tickets for baseball season too! Go D-Backs! 


P.s. We may be totally oblivious, but my husband and I noticed that the SUNS logo on center court is the same upside down as it is right side up. And the "flames" behind the basketball logo is actually the Phoenix firebird logo that is all over Phoenix. The ad and logo people are geniuses. 


  1. We're going to a Suns game tonight for my hubster's Christmas present!! I'm looking forward to watching him enjoy the game! ;)

  2. Wow! I am definitely going to look into this as a date-night idea! I have NEVER been to an NBA game in my life... I know, sheltered. Maybe with tickets this cheap, I will finally have to just go! Also, please let's double when the d-backs season starts! I LOVE going to MLB games. SO fun! It's probably my favorite summer activity. :) Also, Maddison is SO cute. I want to play with her again!