Friday, April 5, 2013

Body Swim Guide

We're taking a different spin on "Friday's Find" today. Summer is literally here, or just around the corner, and with that brings swimsuit shopping. Cue anxiety attack. Does anyone else loathe finding the right swimsuit? It's not a fun task, but I firmly believe that when you know your body type, and what looks good on your body type; the task can become a little less daunting. So, let's jump right into it.

First figure out your body shape. Usually, the most common are Athletic, Straight, Pear, Apple, and Curvy.

Athletic: Most of the time this shape consists of broad shoulders, muscular legs, and more narrow hips.
Swim to look for: Suits with embellishment that will draw attention to your hips, away from your broad shoulders. Stay away from boy cut bottoms and shapeless tops. Soften your chest area with a little bit of gathering or padding, but stay away from bandeau bikini tops.

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Straight: Have very few curves, hips and waist measure about the same size.
Swim to look for: Basically, anything can go for this body type. You can fake curves though by looking for ruffles around the chest or hip area. Look for tops with cups, it will help add curves as well. Avoid bandeau tops and sporty bottoms.

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Pear: Your bottom and hip area are larger than your shoulders and chest. 
Swim to look for: Enhance your upper figure with ruffles, molded cups, or bright prints. Conceal your lower half with boy short bottoms, full coverage briefs, or hipsters. Avoid bold prints on bottom.

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Apple: Your trouble area is your stomach. Bust and stomach area are wider than your hips.
Swim to look for: Ruching and ruffles are your best friend, it can help conceal problem spots. Empire waist swimwear will help diminish your stomach area.

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Curvy: Pretty much you've got that hourglass figure. Larger chest, equally sized hips, and a smaller natural waist. 
Swim to look for: Support, support support. String bikini's are not your friend. Look for underwire, molded cups, and solid colors. Smaller prints are okay, but try to stay away from big busy prints. Avoid ruffles around the chest. 

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And there you have it! Your complete guide to picking out the perfect swimsuit. I hoped this helps, happy shopping! 


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