Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Weekend

Because Maddison was sick, our weekend was pretty low-key. We spent most of our time at home, and some time with family when a non-fevered baby permitted. One thing we did escape for though was Saturday's event, The Rogue Runner. Dallin and his brothers-in-law did a 10K mud obstacle race, and all with matching shirts too; labeling their team "Band of Brothers". I was so upset, due to my dumb "smart" phone leading me to the wrong place; I got lost, and missed their finish line crossing by about 10 minutes. But I was so proud of him for doing and completing the race. 

Easter Sunday was spent together, at church, and all with a feverish baby. We managed to snap a few traditional Easter outfit pictures, and I'm glad we did. I have so much love for this little family of mine. 

It was a good weekend, with some fun memories made. Hooray for times spent together. 


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